Saturday, November 22, 2014

Photos From China!

Our time in China was simply awesome. We put together some photos of our time in China. Meeting Karli was so incredible and she is just a perfect addition to our family. I will let the pictures speak for themselves!
Mia and Anna at the Chicago Airport to Bejing.

At the Bejing Airport on our way to Guangzhou!

Anna and Mia on Shamain Island eating candy coated crab apples!

Map of Shamain Island in Guangzhou, China!

Meeting Karli! Our guide, Grace is on left in pink!

Karli and her caregiver! Lovely ladies!

Sisters finally meeting! Success!

Mia, Karli, and Anna with Anna's guide in 2012, Elvin!
The girls at the police station getting Karli's passport.

Eating at Lucy's, a famous western restaurant on Shamain Island.

Eating at Lucy's.

Mia at Lucy's.

An outdoor patio at The Victory hotel.

Adding a little fun at the hotel. They actually charge you to use the table.

A view of the Pearl River from one of the bridges.

Waiting to get into Safari Park Zoo. Asia's largest zoo.
Mia, Karli, and Anna at the Jurassic park and being scared!

China has the best ice cream!

White Tigers!

The Panda's section of the park.

Really beautiful! Eating bamboo.

The girls loved this panda!

They had several vehicles in the park but only one named "Cindy". Really.
We went to the Chimelong Circus! AWESOME!

This was our favorite bell boy, Jeff!
Hotel breakfast buffet!

An option one morning, tasted between a potato and sweet potato.

Yes, Fresh blew coffee!

Karli had french fries with lots of ketchup at every meal.

Vendor selling cotton candy and candy coated crab apples from bike.

Fun on the island!

Getting to visit the Pearl Market Mall!

Pearl Market Mall!

Busy street market just off the Island.

Many pets for sale!

Herbs, spices, and more.

This sign was everywhere. Someone said, "How come they can't have trumpets?"

Waiting for our ride in front of the hotel. These bikes are everywhere.
Outside the US Consulate in China!

Building outside the consulate!

Found a Pizza Hut but pizza not the same.

Pizza Hut serving a full menu!

Large shopping mall just over the bridge from our hotel!

This carving was inside one of the buildings we passed every day.

In the park on the Island! Just a few blocks from the hotel.

The infamous adoption photo!

This man paints pictures with the palm of his hand!

Rock, paper, scissors game.

The weather forecast outside our elevator.

Karli on the shopping market street.

Love this statue.

This bike loaded down! Lots of these too.

Food the girls love!

My only cup of coffee while in China that wasn't instant.
Found a rooster!

Largest tourist spot in China.

Karli's favorite restaurant! Even in China.

The girls with our guide, Grace. We all loved her!

Leaving China soil in Bejing.

Getting home! Oh yes we did!

Karli home and in her own bed!