Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Anna Receives E-Mail from Teacher from China!

We received an e-mail from Anna's teacher, Miss Heidi, who teaches the children English while in China. Miss Heidi is with an American organization from California who sent her to China, Bao'an Shenzhen orphanage. Anna has talked about Miss Heidi (Miss Haddie) from the first time that we met her. She has sang many English songs and always says, "Miss Haddie say to Anna". It is such a comfort for parents like us to know that someone cared very much for your child. That they were loved and hugged. The last pictures that we received from China before traveling to pick up Anna included Heidi and Anna together. We would like to thank Miss Heidi for everything that she has done and continues to do for the abandoned children in China. These children face such sadness everyday of their lives and you have special people, like Heidi, who come in and do amazing things! Everyone can remember that special teacher they had in their lives that gave them so much encouragement. Well Heidi, you will always be that special someone in Anna's life and in ours. You don't know what all you have done for this child! She shows such concern when someone is sad or hurt. She will help the elderly walk, comfort a hurt child, and ask about an ailment that we may have had. We never new who to thank until now - thank you so much Miss Heidi.
Here is an excerpt of the e-mail that we received:
Hello, my name is Heidi. I am the director of Sunshine Academy where your daughter Anna attended school for several years. I have known Anna since she arrived at the Bao'an Center. In fact, I gave her the name Anna. :)
I was thinking of Anna and thought I would take a look to see how she is doing. I cried when I read your sentence: 
Did we do the right thing, you bet we did. She is the most loving, affectionate, and happy little girl.
I always say that she is one of our miracles - a child who changed so drastically through the consistent love and boundaries given to her by her teachers day after day. I was (and still am) so incredibly proud of her. And of our teachers that invested in this little girl. 
And then came the day when you stepped into her life! A true miracle again. We prayed for you all and for her and now it is a thrill for me to see pictures of our girl Anna with her family in Illinois! Fishing and playing with her sister and hearing about going to school.... I love it!!! 
You both have given Anna a rebirth - an opportunity that is totally and completely a miracle. Rejected so many times and with such a difficult past, I am over the moon with seeing the love that you have for her. I pray that you will continue to have the grace you need to raise this precious girl. 
Please tell her that Miss Heidi says hello and I would like to give her a big big hug! Please tell her that I have seen the pictures of her and her sweet sister Mia and I am so proud of her. She is such a pretty girl who has accomplished so much already!! She is very brave and I know she has a wonderful future ahead. 
And you are also both very brave - to survive those first few days and weeks all in the name of love. Thank you so much! 
With much love from China,

Anna did have a hard time adjusting. She was angry, hurt, confused, and tried so hard to control everything around her. It took months for her to quiet down and just enjoy the new things around her. Anna is very outgoing, friendly, and so very sincere. She is the most affectionate and caring child! We can't tell you how much this little girl of yours is loved. Thank you Miss Heidi!
Miss Tyler (who Anna said was Heidi) and Anna 1 Year Ago!

Miss Heidi this is a special message from Anna!!


The first video what had of Anna talking to Miss Heidi was too long to upload so we had to retake and Anna wasn't as spontaneous as the first one. When Anna had been with us for a few weeks she would sing an English song (Old MacDonald, Happy Birthday, etc.) and always say Miss Haddie (Heidi). When she knew more English she would say, "Miss Heidi say to Anna". We didn't know she had other English teachers until Miss Heidi told us about Miss Tyler who had been with Anna for the last few years.  Thanks to all the special people from Sunshine Academy for your years of service to these special children. Anna is so much more different than Mia in that Anna has been exposed to so much more and was given a head start on living in America. We just want you to know that you do make a difference and it is huge!!! Thank you for caring enough and loving these children who so desperately need love. I pray that one day we won't be in need of orphanages because all children will have a loving, caring, supportive homes! May God bless each and every one of you.