Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flood Waters!

Road Closed - Flood Waters from "Mud Run Creek"

Road Closed - Road Next to Our House

Panning to the Left

Panning to Left Toward Our House

Our House - It sits in middle of corn fields that were flooded

This is a view of our house that usually sits in the middle of corn and bean fields. The field next to our house is still flooded after the farmer planted corn. We have a small creek behind our house, Mud Run Creek, that overflowed after the last rainfall. More is expected in the next few days. It is so strange to see so much water where there shouldn't be any water.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Bikes!

Anna and her new bike

Mia and her new bike

The girls have told us all about the things they got to do while living in China. Anna said that she roller bladed, jumped on the trampoline, rode a bike, danced, and much more. Mia has told us that she hasn't done the many things that Anna has gotten to do. So we bought the girls bikes on Friday and both were afraid to go too fast. It was obvious that neither girl had been on a bike. We were starting from scratch. We told them you can't ride a bike going by going slow. We tried running along side them, but Anna would put on the brakes and Mia would steer sharply to the left and jump off. After about 30 minutes Anna wanted to trade in her bike for roller blades. We did tell her that she can learn to ride her new bike. Anna said that it was too hard. Mia just kept her opinion to herself. On Saturday morning both girls got out the bikes and we explained how it works. Anna was riding by herself the length of the drive (quite far) shortly after lunch and Mia was riding by herself the next day, on Sunday. By Sunday Anna was encouraging Mia and telling her how to ride (now that she was the expert). It was really funny the way she kept telling her to peddle and peddle faster. Anna's legs look like they had been through a meat grinder and Mia has a couple of bruises and scrapes. Anna did take a hard tumble on Monday in the gravel but not ready to give up the bike. We are hoping that we can take them bike riding on the trail. Phil and I would ride up to Wyoming, IL and back (around 14 miles) and pack a lunch. We don't plan on taking them quite that far as of yet. We will have to wait until they can get going and have a lot more control of the bike before that happens.
We did find a couple of kittens that will be ready to come home by the end of June. They are only about a week old now. They will go crazy over them. We won't tell them until it is time to get them.
The chicken coop is almost completed. We just need to put on the porch, yes, I said porch. This coop is looking like a play house. We plan on painting it with bright colors and then painting some colorful chickens and flowers. Phil suggested that I add flower boxes under the windows. I think this would just be a good place to bump our heads. I will have to post pictures when we are all done. The chickens are inside the coop since the inside is all finished.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Girls Are Making Progress!

When Anna first came to America she would say she wanted to go back to the orphanage when she was upset or didn't get her way. The other night Anna was not wanting to come outside and play with everyone so Phil went in to talk to her. She told Phil that she was not happy. He asked her why and she said that there was little to do here. She was bored not unhappy. She went on to say how many things she could do at the orphanage and she wanted to talk to her friends. Phil asked Anna if she wanted to go back to the orphanage and she said, "Baba you not listen, I not say that!" To hear her say it is hilarious! This is the first time she ever told us that she did not want to go back. She said it was not good there and she did not want to go back. She did end up coming out with us to play. One giant step for Anna, two giant steps for Baba!

The chickens are really getting big and in need of being transferred out to the coop. We are still in the process of building it and it won't be ready until the weekend. Anna will go in and "snatch" a chicken to hold and then she cuddles and coos at the chicken until it falls asleep. She will call her Mei Mei (little sister). When Mia comes down to look at the chickens Anna always asks if she can get her one for her. Mia is still a little timid around the chickens but will hold one.

The other day Mia asked for a kitten. We are looking for two kittens, one for each of them when school is out. It will be interesting to say the least. Trying to keep the chickens safe from hawks, raccoons, dogs, coyotes, minks, and opossums isn't easy and now keeping them safe from cats, really?