Monday, April 15, 2013

Chickens in the Basement!

Yes, we have ten little chicks down in our basement. Phil and the girls (mostly Anna) are building a chicken coop. The chicks will be old enough in about three to four weeks to move them outside. These little chicks are so loved by the girls, especially Anna, she has them falling asleep in her hands and they stay asleep when she puts them down. Mia is still a little scared of them. They are so cute. We have three different kinds so it will be fun to see what the adults will look like.

Their First House

Anna and "Mei Mie" (little sister)

New bigger house

Close up of the brown ones

You Dropped it Where and Then You What?

Here is a story of what happens when you have limited language skills with your daughters. One morning I noticed that the toilet roll was almost gone and I usually change it so the girls don't have to worry about it. Well I thought it had enough for the day and left for work. When I came home and went into the bathroom I noticed that one of the girls did change the roll after all, but upon closer scrutiny I noticed that one end of the dispenser was missing and only the spring was there. So I look around the floor and in the little trash can. No silver end in sight. I also noticed that the trash had been emptied and asked Phil if the trash was taken out to the garage. He said it was in the garage. I went out and searched through the garbage looking for the end of the dispenser with no luck. So I decided to ask the girls who had changed the roll of toilet paper today and their response went like this, "Anna, no". "Mia, no". I asked them to come into the bathroom so I could show them. I held the roll with the dispenser inside and the good end showing. The spring was facing down in the palm of my hand. I started to explain how to change the roll when Anna said that she didn't know what happened to it. Hum, she knew about the missing piece without me showing it to her. Okay, good, now I know who changed the roll, I just need to know where it is. I asked them both who change the roll and Anna puts her hand under her chin with one finger tapping her cheek and looking up at the ceiling says, "Let me tink a minu", and then I turned the roll over exposing the missing piece and asked if she knew where it was and she pointed straight down in the toilet bowl. It must have dropped in the toilet and she flushed it. So far no problems with the plumbing, but I did explain what goes in the toilet and what does not. Me bad for not doing this one sooner! We did have a good laugh and a picture embedded in my mind with Anna saying, "Let me think a minute."