Monday, June 30, 2014

Auctioning off our personal items to help bring home our daughter!

On June 11 we had an auction of our personal items, mostly all our office items, 1400 hot wheels, Sony reader, books, screened in gazebo, exercise equipment and weights, calculators, and anything else that we didn't need. Here are a few photos of everything we had at the sale. We have decided to give our daughter our bedroom and move into the office. This way all the girls can have their own room surrounded by their own belongings. Something that orphans do not get to experience. Their things are so important to them. When Mia and Anna came home they would keep all their personal items in a bag, such as toothbrush, brush, hair items, etc. I had to show them how to unpack and that all their things were still their own. Funny but sad how much such a small thing can mean to them. The things we have collected over the years are just that, things. Providing a child a home means so much more to us. A real family. Hugs at bedtime. And in return we get to see their smiles and how much they will change over the years. Loving this so much!

Screened in Gazebo with rug

Exercise Equipment