Monday, February 13, 2012

Chinatown (Chicago)

After our fingerprint appointment in Chicago we decided to take this opportunity to visit Chinatown in Chicago. We were pleasantly surprised to experience the sights, sounds, smells, people and culture of China right here in the U.S. We visited many shops including a Christian book store. We purchased a bible with both Chinese and English and a beautiful calendar that had scripture readings for each month that was also in both Chinese and English. What a surprise to see a Christian school for children and a Catholic Church with foo dogs on each side of the entrance. We had lunch at the restaurant next door that featured Cantonese cuisine. We also picked up a moon cake die and rice bowls with matching spoons. We can't wait to go back!
Nine Dragon Wall

There are three existing ancient Nine Dragon Walls in China. They are located in Datong, Shanxi Province and Beijing. The Nine Dragon Walls all originated from Screen Walls in ancient Chinese architecture. Ancient Chinese believed 9 to be the most prestigious number and dragon the soul of all things of creation. The Chinese people consider Dragon the soul of all things of creation. The nine bustling dragons vividly portray the self-striving character of the Chinese all over the world.

Pui Tak Center
This is the Pui Tak Center with several little shops. It was started by the Chinese Christian Union Church. It currently is a Chinese school with 800 students. The architecture of this building has many features found in China. It is truly a spectacular sight to see.

We went in January and the temperature was an unbelievable 60 degrees F. 

This visit helped us to realize that this adoption is a reality. That our dream of bringing home a child is coming true!

Christmas 2011

It was so good to have almost everyone home for the holidays. We enjoy all of our children and grandchildren. This year we welcomed three granddaughters, one was born to Jamie and Ed in February, 2011. They named her Jordyn Marie. One was born in October to Kyle and Michelle. They named her Aria Rose. Cory and Sara had a daughter in December. They named her Paislee Rene. The picture below and  on the left is Jordyn who just turned one. The picture on the right is Kyle and Aria!