Friday, June 29, 2012

Doing The Chicken dance
We are now finally Dossier to China (DTC). This means that all of our paperwork was sent to China today. This has been such a long process. We thank God for getting us this far! We are that much closer to bring home our two innocent angels.
Please go to the link below and see Anna doing the chicken dance when she was with Asia. She is the tallest one who is on the right hand side. This is a must-see!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heritage Days in Princeville

A very special family came out at Heritage Days in Princeville, IL today to help raise funds to help bring home our two special girls, Mia and Anna. They sat out all day to sell cold drinks in the hot sun. These are our very special friends, Ruthi, Claude, Morgan, Penny, Vicky, Judy, Gracie, Addie, and Kate Coats. Pictured above is Vicky and Penny (love the glasses) and Gracie (on the bench). We can't even begin to come close in thanking them for their contribution in bringing home our two girls. They have been supportive, informative, and especially helpful with our adoptive journey! We love you all very much!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Waiting for Mia's Update

Mia's Referral Photo
We had contacted Ann from Red Thread a few weeks ago and sent a package to be forwarded to Mia, who is at the Children's Welfare Institute of Chuzhou City. Mia was suppose to receive her package from us last week, but we haven't heard anything from Ann as of yet. Our agency has tried several times to get an update as well as Ann from Red Thread and without any luck. Our agency is trying one more thing through a service, but said they hadn't had any luck with them in the past. Here we have so much of Anna to share but very little updated information on Mia. We can only pray for her update at this point.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anna's Seeing Her Family (Us) For The First Time

This is a video that we received from Madison Adoption Associates. Aleda Madison and the orphanage director are with Anna and explaining to her that she has a family in America. This is a photo album that was sent by us to Madison to take to China on their visit last week. They had a chance to give her our photo album and video tape her responses. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to share with Anna her reaction to learning that she has a family (us).
I remember what it was like carrying my children for 9 months and the emotions that came with knowing you have a child. Once that child is placed in your arms, you know that child is yours forever. I can't even begin to understand what the mother's of these precious children are going through, not knowing where their daughters are or if they are being taken care of. My heart breaks for the mothers in China.