Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anna's Seeing Her Family (Us) For The First Time

This is a video that we received from Madison Adoption Associates. Aleda Madison and the orphanage director are with Anna and explaining to her that she has a family in America. This is a photo album that was sent by us to Madison to take to China on their visit last week. They had a chance to give her our photo album and video tape her responses. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to share with Anna her reaction to learning that she has a family (us).
I remember what it was like carrying my children for 9 months and the emotions that came with knowing you have a child. Once that child is placed in your arms, you know that child is yours forever. I can't even begin to understand what the mother's of these precious children are going through, not knowing where their daughters are or if they are being taken care of. My heart breaks for the mothers in China.

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  1. I saw your blog on your facebook page. What a precious gift to receive this video!