Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our DTC "Secret Pal" Strikes Again!

We just received a very special gift for Mia and Anna from our DTC Spring/Summer "Secret Pal" and her daughter. They sent us two handcrafted drawstring bags each with two hair clips to match. These are absolutely adorable and I know Mia and Anna will love them. We will be sure to take them to China with us and have the girls take them when we go shopping. These little bags are perfect for shopping trips and can them be carried like a backpack. The girls can be hands free and still be able to carry their own purchases. Sometimes when parents go to China to bring home their child, the first things they receive from their parents are the first things that are theirs alone. They don't "own" anything that they can call their very own. A lot of times the parents will bring a bag filled with items just for their child. Something they can call their own. These bags will just be another special item that they can call their own. Thank you again to our "Secret pal" and her beautiful daughter. May God bless you and keep you safe!

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