Monday, September 2, 2013

Mia's "Gotcha Day" And The Clothes She Was Wearing.

I wanted to share with you pictures of what the girls were wearing when we picked them up in China. It is important to know that they dress the children very warm and they are dressed in thick layers of clothing. They also serve warm water (almost hot) instead of cold water with ice. Most orphanages are not heated or air conditioned, even in areas with weather similar to central Illinois weather. Mia's orphanage was in a region that was very cold in winter and hot in summer. When we picked her up in December 2012 it was 40 degrees F. She was wearing a coat and three layers of clothing. The clothes were too small for her. Some orphanages ask that you bring a change of clothes so they can take back the clothes they have on but this wasn't the case for our girls. Mia remembers getting back to the hotel and I gave her new clothes to change into. She said she was very happy to wear her new clothes. Some children will continue to wear their old clothes for a week. She accepted her name, clothes, and new family very well and never looked back. Here is a picture of Mia when we first saw her and a picture of the clothes she had on. She also had the bag we sent her including the small gifts (flower bag on table).
Mia's caregiver, me, and Mia

Mia's caregiver and Mia saying goodbye to her

What Mia was wearing (not shown - her orange shoes)          

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