Saturday, October 27, 2012

We Are Getting Close to a Travel Date!

Our next big step in this process is called TA "travel approval" from Ch*na. We expect to receive TA at any time now. Usually TA comes between two and four weeks, so we will be in our second week on Tuesday, November 6. They have been coming quickly so we could receive TA this coming week. YIKES! We should be traveling by the middle of November. If there is a delay then it will be at the end of November. Our travel date, however, is contingent on when we receive our Consulate appointment. This we will receive after we receive TA. Anyone else confused? We do hope to be home with Mia and Anna by Christmas, but we will most likely miss Thanksgiving with our family. We will have to have our turkey for Christmas this year. We are also hoping to post while we are in Ch*na, but some families have had problems with this since Ch*na blocks internet activity. We will try and use a VPN and hope all goes well. Any advice for our trip would be greatly appreciated at this time!!

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