Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Pictures of Mia With Her Hair Down!

We have been very blessed to have met a family on our "Chuzhou Yahoo Group". They adopted a little girl at the age of 18 months from the same orphanage that Mia is at. Their daughter, Ella, is a year younger than Mia so it has been several years that Ella had been adopted. They made a visit in October to visit Ella's orphanage. Ella's family is from New-Zealand and with that said, this world just got really small. As you will see from the pictures, Ella has grown into a very beautiful, healthy, and well adjusted little lady. We thank you for your kindness to Mia!

While they were visiting Mia's orphanage in October, they were able to observe a few things and make a few comments about Mia and her surroundings. They had emailed us while they were in China and told us they think they just met our daughter but was not sure. They told us about her smile and about how she was excited to show them her "bed". Once they said this we knew that this was Mia! In Mia's referral it stated that she was always so excited to show visitors her "bed". We emailed a photo of Mia to them and they said that this was the same girl! They also gave Mia a globe from New-Zealand with a sheep in it. They said that she was happy when they gave it to her and completely unspoiled. They said that she had a beautiful smile and was a little shy. She is quite tall and very thin. She was with a group of children with severe special needs. The environment was without much stimulation for a bright healthy child. They said that the sooner we can get her the better, which is our feelings exactly. With love and care she will become a pretty and lively child. They told Mia that they were taking pictures for her American family and she didn't seem afraid about the idea of a new family at all. They noticed that the orphanage was very clean and well run and the staff seemed very kind and affectionate, but it is not very homey. We can't thank our friends from New-Zealand enough for all they have done for Mia.

Mia and Ella

Mia and Ella

The Barr Family with Mia

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