Saturday, November 24, 2012

We are in Ch*na!

We did make it to Ch*na on Friday. I remember everyone stating that they would make it to Ch*na but they forgot to mention how long the journey really was (or did they?). We couldn't sleep on the plane coming over (14 hour flight) so that made for a long day. We only had one incident where we thought our checked bags were going straight to Hefei, but that wasn't the case. We didn't find out that we were suppose to pick up our luggage at Terminal 2 until we got to Terminal 1 at the Shanghai airport. We had walked over (about a 20 minute ordeal). There was a young Chinese man who saw our confusion and stopped to ask if he could help. We told him we were trying to get back to the other Terminal to pick up our luggage and wanted to know how we can take the Shuttle. He pointed us in the right direction and off we went. Once we made it over to the other Terminal, we again were wondering around and in our confusion this same young man came over and helped us to get back over through security and then over to baggage claims. What a day! I was just happy to see our luggage was still there. Our hotel room is very nice. We have everything that we need. They are building a highrise outside of our window and that has kept Phil entertained, as well as the traffic. He loves watching the families on bikes and mopeds skirt through traffic. It is truly amazing how much they can carry on a bike and what they carry.
We will be meeting Mia on Monday and will post again then!
View from our hotel window

Mopeds and bikes are abundant, even in 30 degree weather!

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