Thursday, November 29, 2012

Anna's Gotcha Day . . . Whooooooo!!!

On November 28th we went to meet with Anna at the Civil Affairs office in Guangzhou. We walked into the office and immediately heard her voice from the other room. We recognized her voice from a video we had when she was six years old. While we were sitting and filling out paperwork, Anna came sneaking into the room and waved, blew kisses, and smiled, then went back into the other room. Soon after they did bring her in to meet us. Baba held out her little lamb and she hit it away at first, not sure what it was! Now she sleeps with it. Anna did cry after her caretakers left for about 20 minutes or so and then she was fine. We let the girls have their own bed and it was girl talk for hours!  Anna had her camera and we could hear them going through the photos and naming all the people in them, Mama, Baba, Mia, Anna. Anna even had to take a picture of Baba snoring! She thought that was the best. Anna and Mia are opposites in many ways which work as sisters. Anna does the talking for Mia and helps make sure that we understand what Mia is asking us. Anna will demonstrate for us what Mia is wanting until we understand. This is really working out better than expected! They are each others best friend and can still reach out for Mama and Baba. (Little more Mama than Baba, but we are working on evening up the affection). They both offer hugs and kisses for us all day long. While eating they will even stop eating and reach out for a hug and a kiss, which we happily oblige.
Today we went back to the Civil Affairs office and we were worried that Anna would have another breakdown, but she was being silly, happy, and loving the whole time. Go figure! When we leave the hotel room, Anna will quiet everyone down and then proceed to tiptoe down the hall. She is a little production! We did go walking and took a few more pictures of the girls. I just hope the rest of our time here goes like it did today!!! Everyone was happy and relaxed!

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  1. Oh..How sweet!! I can just see these two giggling and talking together on the bed! May their bond always be strong and unbreakable! Blessings to you all!!
    and.. save some rice for me.. looks like we could be leaving Dec.14th!! EEEK!!