Sunday, November 11, 2012

We Received a letter from Mia's friend, Zoe!

Mia had many friends in the orphanage who were adopted over the years. She has been there 11 years. She has gotten close to many of the children over the years and then one day they leave with their new family. There was one very special little girl who was friends with Mia several years ago. Her American name is Zoe and she currently lives with her mom, dad, three brothers, and her dog. Zoe found out several months ago that Mia was going to be adopted and that she would be coming to America. To show how sweet Zoe's heart is, she wrote a letter to Mia that we are taking with us to China. Zoe offers encouragement to Mia about being adopted, living in America, and learning English. She lets her know that English isn't all that hard to learn. She tells her how awesome it is that she will be coming to America and how wonderful it is that she will have a family forever. Zoe mentioned to Mia how great it is that she is getting a sister and hopes they have fun together! I know we are hoping the same thing!

We had Zoe's letter translated to Chinese and added a photo of the girls on the day that Zoe left with her new family. This special photo was given to us by Zoe's mother, Monica. What a treasure for Mia to have as a keepsake!  Thank you so much Zoe! How can anyone forget a smile like yours! Thanks to Monica for taking so many pictures of that day (which had Mia in almost all of them) and for contacting us and sharing your story!

Zoe is in the middle, Mia on the right.


  1. How sweet!!! What a special gift for Mia! Praying these two will always have a special bond. ;)

  2. Thanks Keisha! Zoe is a special little girl with a big heart. I hope Mia and Zoe can create a bond as well as Mia and Anna. That is one of our fears, that Mia and Anna won't get along.

  3. Zoe and I were talking about you guys tonight on the way home from my sisters! She is so excited -- we cannot wait to see the Gotcha Day pictures!! Hoping that someday the girls can get together and meet again in person! We are praying!!