Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day at Dexter's, Medical, and Shopping!

What a great time with the Dexter family on Friday night. Pat, Stacy, Joy, Grace, and Hope were so very sweet! Anna and Mia really enjoyed themselves. When we were leaving they asked us if we could come back tomorrow. The girls had a great time talking to them in their own language. Joy and I had a good talk with the girls. I was able to ask them questions and they felt very comfortable talking to her. I really needed to know if Mia had started her period so I would be better able to provide for her. Guys, if you are reading this then skip to the next paragraph. Mia said she had never heard of it but Anna said she had heard of it. Joy proceeded to explain to them about monthly bleeding and having to use the bathroom. Anna said she understood and said she bled once here on her arm. Then Anna said that she knew, you go to the bathroom, turn on the light, go potty, flush, turn off the light. I am not sure what got lost in the translation but I did get my original question answered. That one will go down in the books. I then asked Joy to explain to the girls that we love them and will take care of them. We care about their safety so they need to hold our hand and stay with us. We don't want them talking to strangers. Anna said you shouldn't talk to anybody except for Mama and Baba. Anna remembered that conversation for about three minutes. She hasn't stopped talking to strangers! The airport will be fun! Seven hour layover in Shanghai - it doesn't get much better than that!
Phil and I really enjoyed the spaghetti dinner. We ate so much and both agreed it was the best spaghetti we have ever had. The sauce was rich and the noodles were perfect, not too mushy and not too hard. The salad was beautiful! I haven't had any lettuce since I have been to China so this was a huge treat! We also had garlic bread and then to top if off they served chocolate chip cookies! This is a big deal because of the small ovens and stoves that are in China. Thank you so much Pat, Stacy, Joy and girls. We all felt at home and the girls really had a great time! Thank you!
We spent Saturday morning with the girls at medical. While we were there, Phil noticed a woman who looked familiar and asked her if she was Sandy Bishop. She was a little amazed and said yes. Then he explained that we are on the same FB group and remembered her. She said she also knew who we were. This world is so small. How many people can go 7,000 miles and then recognize someone from back home. The girls did great with shots and TB tests! They were a little scared but we did get through it quickly. Once we were finished with medical we went back to the hotel and our guide, Richard, went over our paperwork for our final appointment here in China. We will meet with the Consulate on December 5 and then all will be finished here in China. What a journey!!! We never thought we would be seeing this day with all the bumps in the road along the way.
After our paperwork we met up with Noah, Amy, and Bryan Poole and Amy's sweet, sweet mother from Illinois. You have to laugh when you think about two families from Illinois meeting up in China. Noah is such a sweet, quiet, and precious little guy. He has the most infectious smile with the cutest dimples! We couldn't believe how well he used chopsticks. We tried the pigeon, sweet and sour pork, and beef with vegetables. They also serve it with rice and noodles. Anna loved the pigeon and had three large pieces. This girl can eat chicken wings and only leave the bone. She will even eat the grisel. Our girls were in rare form (and you can't blame them much after their medical). They were uncooperative at times and pouting. Once we got back to the hotel and relaxed they were much more like themselves! You have to keep wondering what is going through their minds? Here are a few photos of our time here so far. We will have more exciting photos tomorrow after visiting Safari Park.

Impress with the music coming from the Piano. Great little Pianists!

She thinks she can play!

Pat, Joy, and girls! Can you guess who their favorites were?
Joy and Mia. (Mia wanted her photo with Joy by herself)

The Poole's with their little guy, Noah with his chopsticks!

Anna eating with chopsticks

Mia eating with chopsticks

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