Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Eating at Lucy's and shopping.

The girl's TB test came back good. They can come home as schedule! The girls are getting along and becoming close friends. They found out yesterday that they both came from orphanages and we picked them up within a few days of each other. They have their little spats but with "google translate" we can explain to them what we would like for them to do. To use kind words, no hitting, and we still need to explain to Anna not to hug and kiss on Mia when she really doesn't want her to. Anna can be a bit forceful! Learning boundaries will be a work in progress well after we are home.
We have been doing a little more exploring the last few days. The other evening we decided to go to McDonald's for dinner. We walked about a mile or more it seemed. There were thousands of people in the streets and at least that many at McDonald's. No place to sit so we went outside to one of the tables from another restaurant. One of the waiters came up to Phil and told him we couldn't sit here unless we order something. Phil told him unless he was able to physically pick him up and move him that he was staying right here. The waiter asked Phil if he had ordered something earlier and Phil said yes. This is just another example of "saving face" in China.
We went back to the market area the next day with the Poole's and our guide, Richard. He took us to experience the squid, octopus, fish balls, and chicken on a stick. The girls had chicken and I passed. We saw an area that had pets for sale. Lots of kittens, puppies, and hamsters. Just like home. Mia asked if she could have a puppy when we get home. I left that one to Baba! Anna is really partial to kittens!
We went for dinner at Lucy's last night and Mia ordered the cheeseburger and fries. It is amazing what these two will eat. Anna had a rice dish that was really huge and so she split her portion in half and asked if she could just eat half. We said yes. She did eat what she said she was going to. The girls really like sharing their food. They will even share their food with other dinners (little  kids). It will be a while before we venture out in restaurants at home! I'm not sure what other parents would think of a strange child feeding their kids. Here are a few pics from the last few days. Thank you again for all your prayers. We just really want to be home.
Anna eating McDonald's

Live Scorpions (for breakfast?)

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