Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mia and Anna's Friends in the States!

Today, Wednesday December 5, was the girls consulate appointment. We really had a nice officer who called us first and then help with Anna's little snafu. We were able to take care of it right then and left shortly after arriving. The girls were up early so they were a bit tired and grouchy so we came back to the hotel for some rest. They are doing much better now. It seems like when we are with the guide, the girls start complaining about the plane ride, the little arguments they had earlier between each other, and then they feed off each other. It is a shouting match from the back seat of the car with Mama in between. No fun at all. Once they are away from our guide it is all smooth sailing!
We have two of Mia's friends who live in the States that we said she could talk to once we are home. She was a little confused about her friend who came her a few years back that she doesn't speak Chinese anymore so we will have an interpreter. Her other friend came to the States a few months ago.
Anna was told today that her very best friend, Sherry, was also adopted in the States and she will get to call and talk to her once we are home. Sherry was also adopted just a few months ago. The girls talk about what they will do when they are home. I just hope they don't have any melt downs while we are at the airport. We can only ask for more prayers that they are not afraid and will enjoy the airplane ride. We all need to be home to help make this adjustment. We did stock up on Chinese food, including hot sauce, but Anna doesn't like anything hot. Mia keeps ordering the hamburger with cheese and fries. They told us that Anna's favorite food is fried rice but she always turns it down. People have commented on how well adjusted they are with us already. We feel very comfortable with them and I think they are as comfortable with us. I am amazed that they both let me bath them and wash their hair for them on day 1. They willing wear the clothes we brought them except for the bell bottoms that we had for Mia. Apparently she hates bell bottoms and prefers straight legged pants. We'll learn! 

Our view from the hotel room!

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