Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mia and Anna Receive a Package from Aunt Denise.

Mia and Anna received their first package! And what a package! The gifts were packed in a copy paper box. Yes, it was that big. When we opened it without them in the room, we were amazed at all that it contained. The girls were having a lot of upsetting moments because of doctor visits, dentists, blood drawn for testing, etc. Having all this to do, the thoughtful gift from Aunt Denise was both welcomed and exciting. We explained who it was from and showed them their Aunt Denise's picture on the computer. They seemed to have forgotten that when they opened it and thanked us! We then explained to them again who it was from and they were thanking their Aunt Denise. Denise, if you hear "thank you Denise ayi", they are saying Aunt Denise in Chinese. They loved everything in their gift bags. They haven't "unpacked" their gift bags yet. They even put a few more of their other things in it. They did color their little purses and when a friend from church came over they put the hair clips in her hair and stickers on her hand. Did I mention that this friend was over 80 years old. I told them that I will help them with their scrapbooks. We have a lot of photos that we can put in them already. Some of the pictures are from when they were still at the orphanage. We sent disposable cameras to the orphanages and they sent these back with us. They are going to be thrilled once they have their scrapbooks started! We can't thank you enough Denise, so I will let the girls do that. Here is the video we took of them and I have also included a few photos!

Mia, Aunt Denise, and Anna

New shirt!

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