Saturday, December 8, 2012

We're Home!

We flew out of Guangzhou to Shanghai leaving the hotel at 6:15 in the morning. We had everything packed up the night before and just transferred our pajamas to our carry-ons in case we had to stay over night in Detroit. We had a couple hour wait in Guangzhou before getting to Shanghai. We had a long layover in Shanghai lasting about 6 hours. Anna had a total melt down over a piece of candy no bigger than a small jelly bean! I had purchased a small box of candy for each of the girls so they had something to keep them happy. Anna goes through her candy faster than Mia. Even though Anna still had some left she asked Mia for some of hers. Mia told her no and the yelling, screaming, finger pointing was on. I had to hold her down to try and get her under control. We had a few people come over and it wasn't long before we caught the attention of the local police. Once Mia explained what happened, they were all smiling but still standing around watching. I love being the center of a freak show! Where was Phil you ask? He went to find a restroom. He said he could hear her yelling from across the airport. Nice. Yes, she has a set of lungs and isn't afraid to use them. Once we got on our flight, both girls fell asleep and slept on and off. We didn't expect that! Mia's eyes would light up whenever she saw the tray with food and drinks coming! That had to be her highlight. Anna's was playing this stupid game on the back of each seat. This particular game would lock up that system and so she went through two of them. I didn't get to enjoy movies or anything. Our connection in Detroit was 1hr 20 minutes. That meant getting through customs, immigration, baggage claim, baggage check, and bathroom break. We made it with three minutes to spare! Once we got to the Peoria Airport we were greeted by Ruthi and Claude and all eight of their beautiful and thoughtful daughters! We love you and thank you for the warm welcome and ride home!!! All your advice has paid off and we have the girls home! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We stopped at McDonald's on the way home. Once we got home it was very simple, we ate, got baths, and went to bed! Anna and Mia have made such a production in the hotel each night on where they were going to get to sleep. They had to have lights on and mama next to them in bed. Once they saw their rooms and their beds it was nothing but squeals and I love you's! They both jumped into their own beds, Mia with the lights on and Anna with them off. Go figure! No mama, no baba! (Thank goodness). We will see how the other nights go!! We did show the girls where all the food was and they were in disbelief! Trust me, we don't have anymore than any one else, but to them a full fridge, cabinets, and freezer just sent them into squeals of delight. What a sight! Glad to be home!!!

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  1. Welcome HOME!!! The girls are acting as "normal" sisters.. I see. LOL! Who would've thought one tiny piece of candy could cause such a commotion... right?! :( This is something you can laugh at now.. cause it's over! I'm sure it wasn't so funny in the airport. Glad you all made it home safely!