Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Baba!

It amazes us how much English Anna knows. She can sing a few songs in English, such as, Old McDonald Had a Farm and Happy Birthday. We told the girls that it was Baba's birthday and had shown them his birthday cake. Since we have only been home a few days, I didn't have time to really prepare for his birthday. Needless to say it was pretty lame except for the part where the girls sang "Happy Birthday" to Baba. What a surprise when Anna understood what she was to do when the cake came out. She has such a raspy voice. We saw a video of her when she was about six years old and we thought she had a cold because of her deep, raspy voice. Not so. Mia also tried to follow Anna's lead and sang some of it in English as well. So here is the video.

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